What are your store hours and holidays?

Store hours are Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30. We are closed on New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. PLEASE NOTE: There are times we may take an extra day around a holiday, especially if the holiday falls on the weekend. Feel free to call ahead of time to see if we are closed around a holiday. INVENTORY: We close for inventory the last business day of February, March, June, September and December to take inventory.

Are you open to the public?

Yes, although we are a police equipment store that services law enforcement, we ARE open to the public. Civilians are required to obtain a free membership – that’s all! You will receive a membership card to present when you shop.

I lost my membership card. What do I do?

If you lose your membership card, we will replace it – no problem!

What products are restricted to law enforcement only?

Restricted items are marked plainly on the packaging or on the shelf as “Law Enforcement”. This includes certain ammunition, pepper spray and firearms. Law-enforcement-only firearms have a blue price tag. 

Can you order items that you do not stock?

Absolutely! We are a distributor for 100+ brands. Just because we don’t stock it doesn’t mean we can’t get it! Do your research, write down the model number and give us a call!

I am a resident of Alabama. What do I need to bring with me to purchase a firearm in the store?

To purchase a firearm, bring your driver’s license and law enforcement ID (if applicable). Your driver’s license must have your current, physical (no PO Box) home address. If not, you must bring an additional government-issued document with your current home address. Examples of acceptable government-issued documents are: hunting/fishing license, pistol permit, vehicle registration or municipal water bill. If you are a government employee, a pay check stub or letter from your department head verifying your address is acceptable.

I am not a resident of Alabama. What do I need to bring with me to purchase a firearm in the store?

Out of state residents may purchase long guns in the store – no handguns. Follow the same instructions as above.

I am a member of the armed forces stationed in Alabama. Can I purchase a firearm in the store?

If you are military and stationed in Alabama, you can purchase handguns or long guns. Simply bring a copy of your PCS documents, driver’s license and a government-issued document with your current in-state residence address.

I am law enforcement. Can I have a firearm shipped to my department?

Yes, duty firearms may be purchased by sending a BATF-approved Ultimate Use Letter. This letter can be sent in lieu of an over-the-counter background check. It has very specific verbiage and must be signed by the head of your department. Below is a sample of the Ultimate Use Letter (MUST BE ON DEPARTMENT LETTERHEAD):

Gulf States Distributor, Inc.
6000 E. Shirley Lane
Montgomery, AL 36117

Dear Gulf States:

Re: Officer John Doe – Purchase of a Glock 22 (make and model)
I hereby certify that the above named individual will use the requested firearm in the performance of official duties. This weapon is not being acquired for purpose of transfer or resale and can be shipped to this department.

Additionally, I certify that a records check has been conducted on this officer and it reveals no convictions for misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence.

Name and Signature of Person of Authority within Agency

Signature and residence address of Purchaser (no PO Box)


Please note:

(1) Letters must be printed on official department letterhead with original signatures (no rubber stamps).
(2) Original documents must be received. No fax copies. If you have any questions, call our sales staff – (800) 223-7869.
(3) Individuals must be certified as a “peace officer” and have arrest powers and authorization to execute search warrants.
(4) BATF considers Chief of Police, Sheriff, Agent in Charge or District Supervisor as persons of authority to sign an ultimate use letter.
(5) If purchasing more than one handgun on this letter, the following information must appear:
Purchaser sex and race.
Purchaser birth date and birth place (City, County, State, Country).
Purchaser driver’s license number, state of issuance and expiration date.
(6) There are no exceptions to these BATF&E rules.

Do you buy or trade firearms?

Yes. Notify the staff that you are bringing in an unloaded firearm for trade/purchase. We will evaluate your firearm and make you an offer.

Can I purchase a firearm from Gulf States and have it shipped to a dealer in my area?

Yes, unless restricted by contract or law, you can purchase a firearm from Gulf States and we will ship it to your dealer of choice. Simply fax/email a copy of the dealer’s federal firearms license.
Shipping charges for a handgun is $35.00.
Shipping charges for a long gun is $25.00.

Can I have a gun transferred to Gulf States?

Yes. Notify us in advance that you are having a gun shipped to us. We will collect a $40 weapon transfer fee at the time of transfer. Class III weapon/suppressor transfer fee is $150.00. The firearm must include your contact information and the shipper’s FFL.

Do you do gun repairs?

We do not have a gunsmith on site. We do have Glock armorers to install night sights and replace parts.

Do you offer layaway?

We do not offer layaway. We will, however, hold an item for you for up to seven days.

What is Gulf States’ return policy?

Gulf States offers a 15-day money back guarantee of any item we regularly stock (less shipping), as long as it is unused and in its original packaging. Special-order, non-stock items may be returned with a restock fee. Several factors determine the restock fee – the amount is determined per situation.