Tired of paying retail for your ammunition?


Gulf States is one of the largest law enforcement distributors of Federal Cartridge, Speer, Hornady and PMC ammunition. We don’t think LE officers should have to pay retail price for their ammo. These are the loads we try to keep in stock all the time. However, if you are looking for something specific and don’t see it listed, let us know! At this time, we do not offer ammunition via e-commerce, so to place your personal order for ammunition, call 800.223.7869. Prices do not include sales tax (where applicable) or shipping. Some restrictions apply. (if you are looking For Department/Agency/Dealer pricing, call 800.223.7869 and ask for a member of the GSD AMMOTEAM!)

 Target Ammunition (By Caliber)

  • AE380AP Federal American Eagle .380ACP 95gr FMJ - $17.95/bx50
  • AE38K Federal American Eagle .38sp 130gr FMJ - $20.95/bx50
  • AE38B Federal American Eagle .38sp 158gr LRN- $20.95/bx50
  • 38G PMC .38sp 132gr FMJ - $18.95/bx50
  • AE9DP Federal American Eagle 9mm 115gr FMJ - $13.95/bx50
  • AE9AP Federal American Eagle 9mm 124gr FMJ - $13.95/bx50
  • AE9FP Federal American Eagle 9mm 147gr FMJ - $13.95/bx50
  • 9A PMC 9mm 115gr FMJ - $13.95/bx50
  • AE40R3 Federal American Eagle .40S&W 165gr FMJ - $18.95/bx50
  • AE40R1 Federal American Eagle .40S&W 180gr FMJ - $18.95/bx50
  • 40D PMC .40S&W 165gr FMJ - $17.95/bx50
  • 40E PMC .40S&W 180gr FMJ - $17.95/bx50
  • AE45A Federal American Eagle .45ACP 230gr FMJ - $22.95/bx50
  • 45A PMC .45ACP 230gr FMJ - $21.95/bx50
  • AE223J Federal American Eagle .223 55gr FMJ - $8.95/bx20
  • 223A PMC .223 55gr FMJ - $7.50/bx20
  • XM193 Federal American Eagle 5.56NATO55gr FMJ - $8.95/bx20
  • 556X PMC 5.56NATO55gr FMJ - $8.25/bx20
  • 556K PMC 5.56NATO62gr GreenTip - $8.95/bx20
  • AE308D Federal American Eagle .308 150gr FMJBT - $17.95/bx20

 Duty Ammunition (By Caliber)

  • 53606 Speer Gold Dot .380ACP 90gr GDHP - $29.95/bx50
  • 90080 Hornady Critical Defense .380ACP 90gr - $19.95/bx25
  • P9HST1 Federal HST 9mm 124gr HST HP - $21.95/bx50
  • P9HST3 Federal HST 9mm 124gr +P HST HP - $21.95/bx50
  • P9HST2 Federal HST 9mm 147gr HST HP - $21.95/bx50
  • 53618 Speer Gold Dot 9mm 124gr GDHP - $25.95/bx50
  • 53617 Speer Gold Dot 9mm 124gr +P GDHP - $25.95/bx50
  • 53619 Speer Gold Dot 9mm 147gr GDHP - $25.95/bx50
  • 90225 Hornady Critical Duty 9mm 135gr +P - $27.95/bx50
  • 40SWA Federal Classic .40S&W 180 JHP - $21.95/bx50
  • P40HST3 Federal HST .40S&W 165gr HST HP - $23.95/bx50
  • P40HST1 Federal HST .40S&W 180gr HST HP - $23.95/bx50
  • 53970 Speer Gold Dot .40S&W 165gr GDHP - $27.95/bx50
  • 53962 Speer Gold Dot .40S&W 180gr GDHP - $27.95/bx50
  • 91375 Hornady Critical Duty .40S&W 175gr - $27.95/bx50
  • P45HST1 Federal HST .45ACP 230gr HST HP - $25.95/bx50
  • 53966 Speer Gold Dot .45ACP 230gr GDHP - $29.95/bx50
  • 90925 Hornady Critical Duty .45ACP 230gr - $31.95/bx50
  • LE223T1 Federal Tactical Bonded .223 55gr SP - $34.95/bx20
  • LE223T3 Federal Tactical Bonded .223 62gr SP - $34.95/bx20
  • T223E Federal TRU .223 55gr BTHP - $16.95/bx20
  • T223A Federal TRU .223 55gr SP - $14.95/bx20
  • 83276 Hornady TAP .223 55gr SP - $16.95/bx20
  • 83285 Hornady TAP .223 62gr Barrier - $16.95/bx20
  • 80265 Hornady TAP .223 75gr Precision - $16.95/bx20
  • GM308M Federal Gold Medal .308 168gr BTHP Match - $21.95/bx20
  • GM308M2 Federal Gold Medal .308 175gr BTHP Match - $21.95/bx20
  • 80896 Hornady TAP .308 110gr - $24.95/bx20
  • 80965 Hornady TAP .308 168gr A-MAX - $24.95/bx20
  • 8089 Hornady .300Blackout 110gr V-MAX - $21.95/bx20
  • 80892 Hornady .300Blackout 208gr A-MAX - $24.95/bx20
  • LE133-00 Federal Tactical 12ga 8-pellet LR 00B - $3.95/bx5
  • LE132-00 Federal Tactical 12ga 9-pellet LR 00B - $3.95/bx5
  • LE127-00 Federal Tactical 12ga 9-pellet 00B - $3.95/bx5
  • LE132-1B Federal Tactical 12ga 15-pellet #1B - $3.95/bx5
  • LE127-RS Federal Tactical 12ga 1oz LR RS - $3.95/bx5

 Federal Premium® Tactical® HST® is a uniquely designed hollow-point that delivers reliable expansion, consistent weight retention and optimum penetration. 

Federal Gold Medal® centerfire rifle ammunition with Sierra MatchKing bullets is legendary for extreme accuracy, shot after shot, lot to lot. 

Federal Tactical® TRU® is designed for law enforcement use in semi-automatic rifles or variants of the M-16 or AR-15. 

Federal Slugs and Buckshot are all designed to transform the most basic police shotgun into a precision shooting tool. The Tactical® TruBall® rifled slug provides an amazing accuracy improvement for smoothbore shotguns. Federal Tactical Buckshot with the FlightControl® wad deliver dependable, predictable patterns. 

Speer Gold Dot bullets are individually engineered to provide shot-shot uniformity and optimum performance when fired through a variety of barriers. Speer’s superior process virtually eliminates core/jacket separations. 

Hornady Critical DUTY® was designed for your full-size weapon as a barrier penetrating load using the Flex Tip® design FlexLockbullet, an “intelligent bullet” that reacts differently depending on the barrier it encounters. It also features a large mechanical jacket-to-core Interlock band which keeps the bullet and core from separating. 

Hornady Critical Defense® FTX has the patented Flex Tip eXpanding bullet. Optimized for short-barreled, concealed carry style handguns. 

Hornady TAP® (Tactical Application Police) line was developed by the Hornady Law Enforcement Performance Group for law enforcement’s specific tactical situations.